Ski Touring Trip - July 2021

Hi Dan, Thanks very much for an awesome trip, loved the hut and fantastic area. Appreciate the opportunity. - Keith

Helibike overnight trip - March 2020

Our helibike and overnight trip to Kelly’s Hut was a truly memorable experience. The hut’s setting on the tops with mountain range views in every direction is truly spectacular and the mountains quite unbelievably steep and pointy (and we have seen a few mountains in different countries). Biking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal was a highlight of our outdoor experiences, and these views were in the same category. For the adventurous, there are plenty of real challenges to be had both hiking and biking, if you like finding your own way. We also particularly enjoyed a swim in the Potholes, over the back of Mt Larkins - 7degC water is bracing!

- Jane Shearer

Overnight Hosted and Guided Trip - January 2020

Our adventure to the mountain hut with Christine & Dan exceed our expectations. They are both so kind and welcoming and took such good care of us. We really enjoyed our experience, especially the beautiful hike, delicious dinner party and wild helicopter rides! It’s was the highlight of our trip in NZ and want to come back and stay again in the winter to alpine ski. We highly recommend visiting the mountain hut with Christine & Dan!

- Katie


Overnight Hosted and Guided Trip - January 2020

Dan and Christine are welcoming and filled with knowledge about the outdoors. They do a good job of letting you explore the mountain at your own pace. The hospitality was great. I enjoyed staying inside the hut overnight. It is really secure and it has good insulation. The beds were comfortable and the blankets provided kept me warm. I got to see the Kia bird up close and took some great photos of it as well as the surrounding view. Overall great experience, and the food was delicious.

- Celu


Day Trip - Autumn 2019

It's one thing hiking up a mountain with rewarding views of dramatic mountainous landscapes down at the bottom end of the southern alps but it's a whole new game changer seeing it through the eyes of a bird as we lifted up over Lake Wakatipu and up into the Buckler Burn. The adrenaline had already set in after the helicopter ride and the excitement levels were at an all time high knowing that the adventure was just beginning! 
Dan and Christine did a great job at informing us with everything we needed to know to have a fun, safe ride. Their local knowledge really added to the trip and we were kept in good hands from start to finish! 
I couldn't thank them and Mountain Hut NZ enough! This is a once in a life time adventure I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

- Miki Brown

mountainhut Boutique Huts Stay - Christmas 2018

"This review is 5 months late but I think that speaks to how much I wanted to give Kelly's hut the praise it deserves.

We spent Christmas up in this incredible hut and I had the best Christmas I've had in many years. 

In order to make the most of this location, you need to have a fair level of hiking experience and adventurous spirit as there are no trodden paths for hiking. However a day or two can be spent very nicely with kids in the surrounding area, without wandering too far from the hut.

The hut itself is well built, well stocked and comfortable. The outhouse is quite high-end as outhouse go and actually very comfortable. Leaving the door open can make for spectacular views while you do your business.

The Kellys were amazing hosts - knowledgable, helpful, chilled out and incredibly friendly. I genuinely couldn't think of better people to host a hut like this.

All in all, this gets a real 10/10 for me and I would put this as a must-do for anyone visiting the Queenstown region."

- Lucas Halusa


Total9 - Winter 2018

I want to thank both of you for being such an integral part of our time in New Zealand. The mountain hut was definitely the highlight of my trip. Daniel, ( IMGA guide) it was so great to have your guidance and advice while we were up there. As an alpine first-timer, I really felt like I was in good hands. I also enjoyed all your stories. I hope our paths cross again! Christine, your dedication and focus up on the mountain was inspiring to me. I'm bummed we didn't end up having you model some of our stuff, but I hope next time we can! I absolutely loved my time up at your hut, and I feel so lucky to have experienced it. I would love to come up there again next time I'm in NZ! Maybe my friends and I will plan a trip up there. Please pass my thanks along to Dan, too.

"Re:" - Winter 2018

We are always asked about how the little hut in the mountains came to be. Below is an independent vimeo put together by Joe Patchett illustrating the colourful but arduous process of Tenure Review and the  birthing of  as described by Dan Kelly

Mindfood Special Travel Feature - Autumn 2018

Mountainhut Heli Hike - Mt Alaska - Heather Jock Hut Route
looking towards Pikirakatahi (Mt Earnslaw)
photo by Michael McHugh
Mindfood - A Queenstown Autumn Journey
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Heli Hike & Bike - Summer 2018

We have had an awesome 2 day trip in the stunning Mt Larkin region with Christine and Dan Kelly’s Mountain Hut bike experience. The area is historically rich with the remains of the scheelite mining industry hidden high among the mountain tops.
A Heli lift carried us half way up the mountain and dropped us off with our bikes on a ridge offering wonderful views of the Dart river system at the head of Lake Wakatipu. From here we walked up to the Mountain Hut which is in a stunning setting high up in the mountains.  This circular hut offers comfort, shelter and style and affords a view of mountain peaks and steep skiable terrain. An ascent of Mt Larkin after dinner and the company of friendly Keas added to a really enjoyable stay.
The next day started with some good billy coffee and then an informative walk down to our bikes, marvelling at the grit of the old miners and their horses.  The bike down to the Glenorchy township was on easy 4-wheel drive tracks but was exhilarating and fun.
 Great company, great location and great weather, made for an awesome trip.
Many Thanks to Christine and Dan for their wonderful hospitality!

Hideaways - November 2017

Where New Zealanders Escape

Otago Daily Times (Weekend Mix) - November 2017

By Hillary Ngan Kee with photographs by Sam Stuchbury.
"Thank you so much for allowing us to include your mountainhut in the book, it is such a privilege. Our stay on the mountain is something which Sam and I will never forget! For a copy of the book go to the website We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed making it. Sam and Hillary"
Kelly Hut Otago Daily Times

NZ Herald - September 2016

For those wanting privacy and access to the great Kiwi outdoors, book into Otago's Mountain Hut. Arrive by helicopter at this cosy, handcrafted hut located on the slopes of Mt Larkins. This Airbnb offers a hosted, overnight experience where guests can relax in front of the fire or explore the grandeur of New Zealand's back country with a spot of skiing through the snow fields in winter or mountain biking from the tops to the valley floor in summer.
"It's a very unique and different experience for people who like spending time up high," said co-owner Christine Kelly. "It gives you a moment to contemplate and not be involved in the hustle and bustle of everyday life."
Prices range according to number of guests, but start at $795 per night. - from 
NZ Herald 

Girls Own It" Ski Camp - September 2016

The Snowdome - Mountainhut since 1998

Look how far mountainhut/nz has come! This is the first marketing image and script, from 1998 Winter, just after the first half globe shape hut was heli lifted in. The beginning of so many happy times for many guests - staying and playing!!

Bendemeer NZ - June 2016

NZ Skier Magazine - Issue 06 2 day 1 night Ski touring trip 26 - 27 Sept 2015

"We enjoyed a fantastic weekend with Dan and Roger. The trip was organised at very short notice but ran seamlessly. The quality of the service was of the highest order: great accommodation in a nice warm hut in the high alpine, fantastic food, and great company. The hut is surrounded by great ski terrain on three sides. Lovely pitch and long runs of 500m of vertical drop. We skied in the springtime and had the best corn snow I have had experienced. Given the different aspects that are available we had perfect snow conditions throughout the day. A highlight was a glass of wine, sitting on the ridge line at 1900m looking west as the sun went down over the head of Lake Wakatipu. A perfect way to end the day. All in all a great trip. We will definitely return."
David Sidebotham & Sara Jane Allen

Air France Magazine - Issue May 2014

Writer / Director Jane Campion celebrating her birthday at DWELL Hut.
Kelly Hut Air France Magazine

Diaries Downunder - Episode 5 2014

Tim Martin - Weekend of Sep. 5th 2014

"A group of 4 mates went looking for a NZ ski touring experience to mark the half century milestone and stumbled across the steep white offering... and what a lucky find it was. We had a fantastic mountain experience with Dan our host and Thomas the trusty ski guide. It started with a scenic chopper ride from QT airport landing a short distance from the hut that Dan designed and built on the Mt Larkin range. Our new home for 3 days is a design masterpiece complete with all the necessities for a comfortable mountain stay including a little cracker fire that pumped out enough heat to require an open window. Day 1 was a scouting exercise to check out the snow conditions with a few runs to wet the whistle. On Day 2 we hit our stride with a good 6 runs of great powder skiing. Day 3 we got in a morning powder run before getting ready for the walk out. The trip out is quite an adventure with a mix of boot packing, skinning, some downhill and a lengthy stroll down to the valley floor at Glenorchy. Don't underestimate the fitness required for the walk out with a loaded pack! After a scenic drive back to QT we headed out for a beer or 2 to reflect on what a fantastic adventure we had... I highly recommend Steepwhite to all skiers keen to experience a great slice of NZ and a chance to chew the fat with Dan and Thomas."
Tim Martin

NZ Skier Magazine - Issue 06

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